Who We Are

TracyCain Media Group is a full service media firm designed to help develop new or existing businesses marketing strategy or re-launch their current one.

Founded by Ms. Quin K. Richardson, our services include but are not limited to, integrated PR, social media, marketing programs both nationally & locally and most importantly, brand strategy.

We have packages available for everyone. Please contact us for a personal proposal of services. We would be very happy to customize something for your business or organization


About the CEO

Ms. Quin K. Richardson is an experienced, enthusiastic, goal driven marketing professional with over 10 years experience in media sales, marketing and advertising, with a concentration in marketing.

Mrs. Richardson’s skill set was honed while she had the opportunity to work side by side with world renowned author, Stephen Snyder, of best selling book Credit After Bankruptcy, in 2000. Under his direction, Mrs. Richardson served as his image consultant, adveryising and marketing rep, special projects manager and liaison to the public. She traveled every weekend for 4 years, publicly speaking at seminars in over 30 major cities along side of the author while also marketing his book and various products to over 600 seminar attendees each weekend.

After 4 years of traveling, she decided it was time for a career move. With a love and passion for marketing, her career move landed her as an account executive for a billion dollar Internet Company. She proudly dedicated 5 years of her life there before realizing it was a huge market for start up businesses looking to advertise and brand themselves but without the huge budgets as the Fortune 500 companies. She also knew that there were current companies that needed a “makeover” and wanted to re-launch their current media campaigns as well as looking for new and innovative ways to market themselves without breaking the bank; especially with this economy.

She would like to make a difference and help people reach their goals, long term and immediate.


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